Best TaskMan

Best TaskMan 1.00

Practical task manager with multiple view modes


  • Well-organized menu structure
  • Assign hardware keys
  • View system information


  • Unable to terminate certain processes

Very good

One of the annoying things about using Windows Mobile devices is that it's very difficult to access information about running processes and applications and 'kill' them if they are causing problems to your system.

Best TaskMan is designed to replicate the Task Management menu on the native Windows OS. The program is divided into four categories, namely: Running applications, Start, System information and Processes. You can scroll easily through all of these menus using the left and right arrows at the top of the interface.

Select any of these options and you'll be presented with a comprehensive list of applications, processes or menu items. You can highlight any item and use the 'Menu' option to view more information about that process or application, check how much memory it's using, terminate it or assign hardware keys to tasks.

Besides using the Start, Processes and Running applications to view and close apps, the System information menu is also worth a look. here you can view the amount of physical memory, system memory and battery charge your device has at present. On the whole, the program worked very well, although for some reason, it wouldn't shut down all the processes I asked it to.

If you want an efficient way of managing all the running processes on your device and handling your resources more effectively, Best TaskMan is a great solution.

Best TaskMan allows to control running applications and tasks, create hotkeys to your favorite applications, documents, calls, SMSes, "Windows Alt-Tab" style task switcher, fast application launcher, remove trash from previously installed applications and much more.

Application consists of several views. You can switch between them using left/right keys or commands in menu:

• Running applications view
• Hotkeys view
• Processes view
• Installed applications view
• Opened files view

Best TaskMan


Best TaskMan 1.00

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